It arrived on Saturday, and I put it all together with only moderate injury to my person.  The mattress is foam and was rolled up in an airtight package with instructions that said it could take 48 hours to reach its normal size, so I’ve been back on the cot for the last two nights.

And honestly, I was a little relieved.  My new bed is nice for as cheap as it was–it’s pretty, seems sturdy, and the mattress looks comfortable.  The moment I assembled it, I put it in the detector dishes, put rope caulk over as many holes/cracks as I could, and put the mattress in an encasement.  So it’s as ready as it’ll ever be… it’s just that I’m not.

It’s been 20 nights without a definitive bite.  Almost every single question mark in my bite diary has been whited out because it turned out to be a pimple or an ingrown hair or a bruise.  Even the one that wasn’t whited out is most likely a pimple.  The girl diagonally across from me, who moved in while this was happening, said she’s not had any bites since the thermal treatment, either, which is really encouraging because she’s the unit nearest mine and we had the mildest infestations.  But even with all of this, I hesitate to say that this is definitely over.  So I’m worried about getting bitten in the new bed, especially since it’s so symbolic of a new start.

That’s part of it.  The other part (which I’m only now realizing as I type this) is probably that my old bed had a lot of history for me, and even though I said goodbye to it as I dismantled it–hurried and unritualistic though the process was–I’m upset that bedbugs were my final memories of it.  So there’s probably some lingering emotional attachment, and the sight of this new bed in its place is a little strange for me.

So it goes…


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