There hasn’t been anything I can definitively call a bite during the last 2 weeks, which is good.  There have been a few random things that didn’t present like bites but which were nevertheless Something There That Wasn’t There Before–small pink spots that went away very quickly (within minutes hours, or a day), which have caused me no end of distress, but since they were so small, didn’t hang around, and didn’t ever itch, I can’t really consider them bites.

Pest control sprays again Thursday.  I’m going to leave them a note asking how and when I’ll know for sure that this is over.  Someone said this company has the bug-sniffing dogs, so maybe they bring those in to make sure?

Not knowing is physically exhausting.  I still hose my bed down in rubbing alcohol twice a day, just to feel better.  I still put diatomaceous earth in a frame shape on my pillowcase at night, just in case.  And every morning I psych myself up for the post-shower bite check, and am driven insane by every new pimple, ingrown hair, random itch, and spot that’s there because I leaned on something for half a second and it left an indent…

My new bed comes next Monday.  I took the walls off my bed this weekend, leaving only the slats attached to the bottom part, and the drawers, all of which is easy to hose down.  So that will be there when he sprays, and the poison will be there for 4 days before my new bed arrives.

All in all, I just feel so over this whole experience.  It’s been 90 days.  I’m DONE.  I’m ready for reality to catch up with that feeling.  And I’d like it if my neighbors, who still have a few live bugs post-thermal treatment, could be done with this, too.


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