It’s Day 13 without a definite bite, and I’ve just ordered a new bed.

My current bed is the Ikea HEMNES daybed, which is a beautiful behemoth:


It’s been extremely helpful in my efficiency apartment, with its underbed storage drawers, and the mattress is really comfortable.  I’d been thinking of replacing it before I got bedbugs, because it’s a pain to dis- and re-assemble, and because the mattress is old and I’d have to replace it with a different kind, since it’s been discontinued.  But this bedbug infestation brought some other flaws to light: the presence of walls instead of legs makes it impossible to isolate from the floor (with legs you can put them in little detector cups that trap bugs), and the fact that it expands to a full-size bed and is intricately constructed means there are innumerable hard-to-reach places for bugs to hide.

So while I’ve loved this bed dearly, I’m replacing it with this:


It’s not nearly as complex in terms of assembly (which means fewer hiding places); it’s metal instead of wood, which is easier to hose down with rubbing alcohol without causing damage; it has legs instead of walls; and it still gives me room for plastic bins underneath.

Overall, this feels like a good decision.  On the one hand, it’s a fresh start in a hopeful direction. On the other hand, if there’s a ninja bug laying low in my current bed hoping it can fake me into thinking it’s not there, I’ll find it when I take the bed apart.  And in case of a reinfestation, it’s going to be easier to treat, and easier to move whenever I decide to relocate.


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