Pardon me while I knock on every wooden surface and object in my apartment…

Tonight I’m going to a friend’s house to celebrate this milestone.  The low number of days  you should go without signs of bugs before you can call yourself rid of them is 14, which is coming up fast, and 10 days is so, so encouraging, considering my record before was 5, and they generally feed once every 4 or 5 days.

I’m sleeping worse now than I was for most of this infestation, because the stakes are so high… I wake up at the slightest movement of my pajamas on my legs and scramble to make sure it’s nothing more, and I’m terrified every morning that I’ll find a bite and realize it’s been too good to be true.

But the radio’s had my back lately, and the change to spring weather’s been doing its thing, so I feel pretty great during the days.  When I told my wise friend on the mountain that I was afraid to hope, she reminded me that hope keeps good energy moving in the right direction.  I’ll drink to that  🙂


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