Last night, I had an itch on my calf, and when I looked at it, there were two ingrown hairs that looked irritated.  I pulled them out, and this morning there was still a sizeable red spot there after my shower, which sent my heart into a tailspin.  I was so worried about it, even though I knew that I’d just messed with a sensitive spot not 12 hours before, so it was likely nothing.  But then I started to think that maybe the reason those two hairs had bothered me in the first place was that there was a bite there, and I spent a couple hours this morning feeling like shit.

Of course, later, the redness went away, so I knew it wasn’t a bite.

But now my foot itches for no reason–on one very specific point at the top.  My pajama pants were brushing over it this morning while I sat here at the computer, so I scratched it, but it’s still touchy 5 hours later–I have to keep my pantleg rolled up.  I’m freaking out about it even though there’s no redness, no mark–it’s just this strange point of itchiness that won’t go away and won’t show itself.  What if it’s a bite waiting to bloom?  What if it’s a part of my foot that doesn’t react for some reason?  What if…

All of this is made worse by the fact that it’s officially 7 nights since that bite on my ankle the day of the thermal treatment, so I’m beginning to breathe into the feeling that this is finally over and I can start moving toward normal living again.

Update 7 hours later: Foot is fine now.  I don’t know why, but I’m not questioning it.  I’m happy to erase this question mark from my bite diary  🙂


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