This morning I had a little pink spot on my stomach, but I remembered that it was where I picked a tiny zit last night, so I’m about half convinced it’s really just that.  Then a couple hours after my shower, I panicked when I saw a thin red splotch on my ankle, but when I sprayed it with alcohol it burned, so it’s probably a razor cut–it’s high enough up that that’s plausible, and my bites don’t burn when they’re sprayed, so I’m half convinced of that explanation, too.  Christ, this is nerve-wracking.

I’m still hosing down my bed with rubbing alcohol twice a day (the fumes from which are probably what’s messing with my stomach), making sure to spray hard into all the cracks.  This afternoon when I did it, I decided to take the top rail off my bed to get the underside indentation and all the screw holes, and I found a dead bug dried up in there–those fuckers really get into the smallest cracks… It was encouraging to see it dead and  to know that the heat treatment had done it.  So I’m feeling like I can maybe calm down a little more now.  Especially since I had so few bugs to begin with–one dead one feels like a third of the population.

Last night I slept pretty well, overall, though I did try to stay awake as long as possible, in case I could see a bug.  That’s not good.  I continue to talk myself down when I start to feel crazy, and to try and remember that even if this didn’t work 100%, it did a lot more than spraying ever did–and I even have one dead bug as proof.  I need to ask whether they’ll do followup spraying–someone in the hall mentioned that they heard they would, but I want to be sure.  That would make me feel better, too.


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