Last night my apartment stayed ungodly hot until about 5am, so I woke up a lot.  Around 2, my ankle itched, and I noticed a bite.

Some people take a few days (sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes up to a week) to react to a bite, so it’s possible it’s an old one that just bloomed.  I don’t know what my reaction time is, but given my skin’s responsiveness to everything else (I bruise like a peach, and scratches stay on me for a very long time), I doubt there’s much of a delay.  But I don’t know for sure, since I never know when I’m being bitten.  Because of delayed reactions, most of the forums out there say not to worry if you see new bites the first couple days after thermal treatment.  Hard not to, though…

So I’m feeling pretty low this morning.  I’m maintaining my “leaving the apartment” quarantine bags for now, but I’m unbagging all my other stuff, since they opened all the bags when they treated the place anyway.

I wish I could cry, but I can’t, for some reason.  I feel like it would clear out this demoralized heaviness, but it’s apparently not ready to move yet.  I hate that.  Now I’ll be on the verge of tears until it finally decides to shift …

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