We had no hot water this morning, so my having to wake up an hour early was aided by a cold shower, lol.

From the looks of it, most of my floor has bedbugs … we were all waiting for the elevator at 7:20.  Pest control had 10 guys on our floor moving portable thermal units from the lobby into our hallway–the place looked like a sci-fi movie.  It was sort of funny–it felt like a wake service, as we all greeted each other with sympathetic, apologetic smiles and an, “Oh, you, too?”

A woman I often see in the mornings and I went to the lobby and talked–neither of us knew the other had it, so we griped together.  She had witnessed, back in January, what she’s sure is the reason so many of us have bugs: the woman who was kicked out of the building had been reported by someone else for a smell coming from her unit, so her place was being deep-cleaned (by whom, I don’t know) on a day when this other woman was home from work.  The cleaners wore paper hazmat suits, and this woman overheard them say “major infestation.”  She said that they took all the other woman’s possessions and put them in plastic bags and LINED THEM UP IN THE HALLWAY, from one end to the other (in front of all of our doors), and took her mattress to the first floor and put it AGAINST THE WALL BY THE MANAGERS’ APARTMENT on its way to the dumpster.  So no wonder we all ended up with this.  It just makes me so mad.  She also found out from the pest control guy this morning that it was he who pushed for the real estate company to get us thermal treatment–they wouldn’t have done it, otherwise.  So hooray for that guy!

Then the girl who moved in in January joined us for a bit.  She and I walked downtown together (we work near each other, it turns out) and vented our ire.  It was just so nice to be able to talk about it finally, freely, with people who were going through the same thing.  We lamented that we didn’t know the scope of the problem sooner, because we could have banded together and done some class-action protest stuff against the real estate company and tried to get this resolved sooner.  She said she’s withholding her rent until this is resolved, and I wish I’d thought to do that.

That girl went to her office, and I went for a coffee, took it to a bench outside one of the hotels, and sat and breathed.  The rush of solidarity from my floormates this morning, the sight of all that chrome and all those men in green hoodies, and the cold wind downtown made everything feel so clear and focused and hyper-real.  Eventually, my ears got cold, so I went in to work early.

Now I’m fully caffeinated and attempting to type with my fingers crossed  🙂

That’s the news from Lake Woebegone!

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