… I woke up with two new bites this morning, and had three the night before.  I feel like the restaurant car on the Last Meal Party Train.

Last night, when our manager was handing out entry notices for Friday’s thermal treatment, a girl down the hall came out to talk to her.  Apparently she moved here in January and immediately had bugs.  It was only during their conversation last night that she found out that not only isn’t she the only person with this problem, but also that our building has been dealing with this for months.  She said she never would have moved in if she’d known, and was upset that no one had mentioned it during the whole prospecting/application/move-in process.

It makes me so mad that the real estate company was showing apartments and letting people move in when they knew that there were multiple infested units on our floor … it’s ethically reprehensible.  For as fucking concerned as they were when they forced that one lady to move out while she was infested, leading them to call the place she was moving to, warning them that they might want to spray when she got there because she had bugs, they sure didn’t care about letting paying tenants move in to an active infestation.

I know my 90-day lease form will be coming soon, asking me whether I’m renewing or not.  And I still don’t know.

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