After months of watching the problem spread from floor to floor and unit to unit, it seems the real estate office has decided to do what they should have done from the beginning.  My building manager called tonight to say that on Friday, all the affected apartments are getting thermal treated.  I COULD DIE OF HOPE, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I SHOULDN’T LET MYSELF EVEN BEGIN TO FEEL THIS.

Remembering my Bedbugger reading about lists of items that need to be removed because they can’t withstand thermal treatment, and about protocols like unbagging all your bagged clothes so everything in the unit is fully exposed to heat, I asked my manager what instructions the pest control company had for us.  She said the real estate office only told that we needed to tightly shut our windows.


So I asked her to please, tomorrow morning, call the pest control place and ask what to do about meltable items and what else we need to do to prep our apartments.  I hope to God whatever she learns is shared with the other units on my floor, so that we don’t leave any bugs alive on account of professional incompetence.  It would just fucking figure.

Meanwhile, I’m slightly manic with the thought that after Friday, my apartment will be bug-free and I can replace my bed without fear of re-contamination… I hesitate–once again–always–to get too hopeful, as the experts say you need to have had no evidence for 21-60 days before you can really feel certain that no bugs are left.  But this one thing that’s FINALLY GOING RIGHT makes it so tempting to take a deep breath in preparation for a giant sigh of relief!

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