Well, mostly.  Other than something on my cheek that could be either an atypical bite or a bad zit, there hasn’t been anything to report over the last 4 days.  Cue jinx.

Today marks two full months since this started, and I feel like I’ve moved into a sense of normalcy.  Well, a New Normal.  The routines of laundry, ziplocs, bite inspections and DE dusting now punctuate my days, but I’m no longer anxious, paranoid, furious, or overwhelmed.  Instead, I basically feel like I did before, but with these additional steps in my day and a bedbug-tinted view of other people and places.  Such a relief!

I know it’s not over yet–I’m still wary of believing it ever will be–so I look forward to the next Spray Day (the 23rd) and carry on.  It’s at least no longer in the WAY of everything, now, which is what I’ve been working toward.

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