Looking at the calendar, it’s been about 6 weeks since this all started.  But it feels like it’s been forever and will continue forever.

I had three new bites this morning–two on the back of my neck, which means I’ll be wearing scarves until they disappear, which generally takes a week or more.  When I put my scarf on this morning before leaving for a meeting, I thought about how lucky I am that this is happening in winter, when I can wear long sleeves and scarves to cover up.  Then I wondered what would happen if this lasts into summer–a thought that made my heart curl up and cry.  I decided I could at least blame mosquitoes then.  But I don’t know what I’ll do if this lasts too much longer–this is no way to live.

Reading back to my earliest entries, I see my hope that this would be resolved soon, in a matter of weeks.  I remember a week into it e-mailing friends of mine who were on vacation, telling them how I wasn’t telling anyone local, and was only telling them because this would be fixed by the time they got back to town a month later.  They got back a week and a half ago.  So much for that.

It makes me sad to see how long it’s been, but then I have to remind myself that it’s not even been two months–it just feels so much longer.  Yes, lots of pest control places have kicked people’s problems after 3 treatments, but sometimes it takes longer depending on a lot of factors.  I have to trust.  I have to try.  Tonight, it’s hard.


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