Last night I overheard my manager in the hall talking to someone who lives down the hall, who also has bedbugs now.  This makes 4 units on my floor, and I heard the manager say it’s been on other floors recently, too, but that the spraying cleared them.  It makes me mad that we had 3 units with a problem, and now there are 4, and the real estate company still isn’t thermal-treating us.

This morning I wrote to my manager and asked her to pass it along to the real estate company.   It’s been 6 weeks for me now.  I’m wondering why they won’t just thermal treat the units that have bugs… it would get rid of them all at once, eliminating the odds of this problem spreading to more units and of our units getting re-infested later on.  The longer we have them, the better the chances that they’ll find their way to other apartments and then the better the chances they can find their way back later–it can turn into a cycle.

What also worries me is that there has been no information posted about “what to look for” or “how to report this” if anyone else has a problem–since there are multiple units affected, and other floors had it before ours did, information about early identification would help people to know what to do if they start noticing signs, before it gets out of hand.  In other buildings I’ve lived in, there was an informational poster in the laundry room over the dryers, with an enlarged photo of a bug, basic signs of an infestation, a few tips on prevention, and how they needed to report it immediately to management and also start heat-treating their clothes and bedding right away.  I know the company doesn’t want to worry people, but such basic information might stem the problem and help people in a timely manner.

It’s hard not to get pissed at this whole thing… I can’t tell if maybe they don’t KNOW a whole lot about this problem so they don’t really know how to best handle it, or if they’re just cheap and lazy.  Trying not to be bitter, but this is almost two months of having my life turned upside-down, and it’s taking a toll on my positive thinking…

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