No improvement yet after last Thursday’s spraying  😦  Next round is on the 23rd.  Morale holds about 95% of the time.

Now that I’ve passed through the phases of stark panic, despair, and damn-near-insanity, I’m in the midst of a massive examen, for which this ungodly situation has been the catalyst.  Reading Evicted and seeing the play Disgraced and watching Tenko  have been excellent for putting my temporary woes in a larger context and teaching me to be grateful for such a small hardship in the face of much bigger problems faced by so many others.  Growth!  Development!  Empathy!


I’ve also gotten some small pieces of writing done, which is frankly amazing and feels wonderful.  It’s something else to focus on before bed, and it’s another choice in the “Who Do I Want To Be In This Situation?” process… an attempt to prove my priorities to myself.

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