Today my fortitude wavered big-time and I cried all morning at my desk (my boss was out) because everything seemed so hopeless with these damn bugs and I just couldn’t keep it together.  I’m sick of second-guessing every single pimple, pillow-crease, and ingrown hair on my body every morning, and sick of thinking every tiny itch during the day is a bug.  I’ve never had an anxiety attack before, but I feel like I’ve been living a constant one for the past two weeks.

Anyway, I got my detectors in the mail today, so I feel better hoping to snag one or two other bugs soon.  And I’ve asked the manager to ask the real estate company whether they can do the whole-apartment thermal treatment for my place, since it’s quicker and more effective than spraying, but is more expensive.  They’re doing the lady down the hall’s apartment when she moves out, so I know they’re at least familiar with it and CAN do it… I’m crossing my fingers that they WILL.  But I can’t get my hopes up.

I’ve stopped reading the Bedbugger forums for a bit–I feel like I know enough now, and seeing/hearing these horror stories is making me itchy and paranoid… I no longer feel it’s helpful, at least not at the moment.  But I’m so, so glad it’s there, and I’ll probably go back to it for help with specific problems as this continues.

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