I just ordered some bedbug detector things for my room–I don’t know why the fuck I didn’t think to sooner.  They’re kind of expensive for little plastic dishes, so I didn’t get a lot, but they trap them in a little cup so you can try and see where they’re coming from based on which ones get bugs in what part.  Doesn’t kill them,  but I can do that.  It would just make me feel better even if I can catch a couple, to know that those ones can’t get me and to be doing something proactive while I wait for pest control to come next week.

Unfortunately, since my bed has three walls and these cups are meant to put the legs of your bed in, I can only use them on my chair, desk, and tv stand.  Which sucks.  But at least I’ll know if the bugs are coming from those places, I guess…

The pest control place told me not to put my mattress in an encasement, because they want the bugs to come into contact with the poison.  I know they’re not in my mattress anyway, so I’m not really upset, but it feels strange not doing this one major thing which every forum says is so important.  It’s also annoying that they’re not in my mattress, just because they’d be so much easier to find/kill if they were–they’re either in my frame or in the wall or who knows where else, and since it’s not a big infestation and there are literally NO traces of bugs apart from my bites, spraying is basically a lot of shots in the dark trying to hit a handful of tiny ninjas.


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