Brian the pest control man is coming this morning, so I’m excited.  I left him a note and told him to coat my whole place in chemicals–from what I gather, he’ll do more than the general spraying he did last time… this will mean the mattress, the chair, the windowsills, the switches and outlets, molding, baseboards, doorways and bedframe will all get sprayed.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep till 1:30, so that’s 2 nights in a row of very little sleep.  This morning I either have one new bite, or a small one from yesterday just spread out a little and looks bigger today, I can’t tell.  I tried to lure them out last night by lying in bed very still for an hour and a half, pretending to be asleep but with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol with me.  It was so hard not to fall asleep because I was already so tired, and I should have known I couldn’t fool them–they’re attracted to the levels of CO2 or whatever you breathe out when you sleep, and they only come out when you’re in the middle of a sleep cycle for some reason.  I honest to fuck don’t know how these things evolved, but they’re the baddest ass bugs in the world.  I wish they never existed.

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