Pest control is coming today, I think–my building manager said they’re doing my floor’s hallway, and she said she’d be sure they did my apartment.  So I left him a note and moved all my furniture out from the wall so he can spray.  Last night I took all the clothes from 2 of my 3 underbed drawers and dried them on high (doing that kills bedbugs) and washed all my bedding in hot water and dried the fuck out of it.  Tonight I’ll do the last underbed drawer of clothes (I ran out of quarters yesterday).  I did another flashlight search, and dusted everything in the room–still no sign of anything.  I’ve still got that diatomaceous earth stuff on my floors from summer when I had random bugs.

This morning I don’t think I have any new bites… my three oldest bites just now started itching, days later, so maybe they bit me in the exact same spot?  Who knows… Going to sleep is stressful, and getting up is stressful because I’m afraid to look in the mirror and find new bites.

At any rate, I really hope pest control comes today and that this all gets resolved.  I’ve bought a handheld vacuum with attachments, which will get here Monday, so I can vacuum all the cracks and screws and slats on my bed and all my furniture–I’ve read that vacuuming (which will suck the bugs and their eggs up) and heat treating (killing any that are hanging around, and any eggs, too) plus diatomaceous earth (which kills them, too) are the best things to do yourself while pest control does its part, and even though I might be jumping the gun, I feel better doing things now instead of waiting and worrying.  I feel like a paranoid lunatic, and I hate being afraid to look in the mirror every morning.

Have discovered the boards at and am becoming an expert on these things.  It’s really helpful to read everyone’s stories, even though so many people seem to have giant infestations, so I feel all crawly just looking at them.  They have amazing resources there–I’m so glad it exists.

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